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Home & Floorcare Rentals

Most of us have a list of home improvements a mile long that doesn't get done because we don't have the right equipment. Lakewood Rent-All offers specialty tools such as a floor sander, buffer, scrubber, and more to get your home looking great.

Home & Floorcare  Rental Prices

Home & Floorcare Equipment
Appliance Dolly w/ Strap
$15.00 / day
Hand Truck
$12.00 / day
4-Wheel Flat Dolly
$8.00 / day
Air Blower
$25.00 / day
Floor Scrubber
$40.00 / day
Upright Vacuum
$15.00 / day
Knee Kicker
$15.00 / day
Linoleum Roller
$20.00 / day
Power Stretcher
$30.00 / day
Pool Pump
$40.00 / day
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