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China Rentals

Rent beautiful and elegant dinner plates, cups, saucers, soup bowls, gravy boats, creamers, and more for your next formal dinner party.

China Rental Prices

China Per Piece

White w/ Silver Band

Dinner Plate - 10"
$0.70 per day
Salad Plate - 7"
$0.70 per day
Bread & Butter Plate - 6"
$0.70per day
$0.65 per day
Coffee or Tea Cup
$0.70 per day
Cup w/ Saucer
$1.25 per day
Soup Bowl
$0.70 per day
Sugar Bowl
$2.25 per day
$2.25 per day
Platter - 16"
$3.50 per day
Gravy Boat
$3.00 per day
Vegetable Bowl - Round
$3.50 per day
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